What Could Be Health Problems from Air Conditioner Overuse?


Many homeowners ignore the adverse effects of overusing air conditioner. On top of that, very few people are aware of potentials health risks which arise from the overuse of air-conditioning system.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the health problems which arise from air conditioning overuse.

Air Conditioner Overuse

Health Problems from Air Conditioning Overuse

Several health problems come from air conditioning overuse. In most cases, the problems are avoided through moderated use of your air conditioner.

Indoor Air Pollution – Faulty Air Conditioner Overuse

If you do not change the filters in your air conditioning system regularly, you’ll end up with indoor air pollution. When that happens, numerous biological contaminants will accumulate in your home’s air, and without proper ventilation, you’re looking at bacterial spores, viruses, animal fur, and pollen.

In the worst case, you’ll find mold growths around damper areas of your home. All these contaminants eventually lead to respiratory infections and other breathing problems, including asthma and nausea. When left unchecked, you’re looking at greater health impacts resulting in pneumonia.
These are some of the health problems which arise from the overuse of air-conditioning system without cleaner air filters.

Dealing with Overuse of Air-Conditioning System with Poor Air Filters

The best way to tackle the health problems mentioned above and improve indoor air quality is to avoid the overuse of an air conditioner with poor air filtration or ventilation. In addition to this, you can reap benefits such as efficient operation and improved indoor air quality with regular AC maintenance.

Dry Skin Due to Overusing

The air passed through your home by the air conditioner contains little to no humidity when compared to the air outside.

In homes where air conditioning overuse is prevalent for a prolonged period, people in the home will experience dry skin.

Furthermore, if anyone in your family suffers from skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, spending extended periods in a low humidity environment wherein their skin will dry up quickly, will make their symptoms much worse and possibly cause harm.

In addition to dry skin, synthetic particles and fibers found in air filters pass through your air conditioner into your home. For those with skin allergies, this causes a lot of skin irritation. With prolonged exposure, skin irritation can cause skin damage.

The best way to limit dry skin and skin irritation is to limit the use of air conditioning. Turn it off now and again to restore the humidity of your home and let your skin rejuvenate.  In addition to this, experts advise using moisturizes to avoid dry skins.

Health Problems from Air Conditioner Overuse

Heat Intolerance as a Result of Air Conditioner Overuse

Human bodies quickly adapt to their environment. As a result, as the summer days get hotter, your body adjusts to the temperature and you don’t feel as bad as you initially did when the first summer waves hit. Therefore, when you spend prolonged periods in an air-conditioned environment, your body is unable to cope with the heat when you go out and this leads to several health problems. These health problems include headaches, dizziness, and breathing difficulties due to a feeling of stuffiness. In the worst cases, some members of your family might suffer a heat stroke.

Preventing Heat Intolerance

Once again, mitigation here is to avoid air conditioner overuse. In addition to this, you can spend ample time outside an air-conditioned environment to prevent your body from adapting to an air-conditioned environment.

Respiratory Illness

The biggest problem which arises from air conditioner overuse is chronic respiratory illnesses. Our lungs have mucus membranes that trap and protect against pollen, dust, and bacteria particles. Due to air conditioner overuse, these membranes dry out quickly, thereby making your body more susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks. Due to this, several other respiratory illnesses also start to show up in your family members.

The primary issue here is the humidity of your home. Air conditioner overuse leads to dry air. Experts recommend keeping the humidity level in your home at a minimum of 30%. Therefore, air conditioner overuse can lead to severe respiratory illnesses.


Ear Irritation and Issues from Overusing Air Conditioner

Air conditioner overuse irritates our sinuses. In the most extreme cases, if you overuse an air conditioner with dirty air filters, you will end up with dryness, dirt, and mold accumulation in the ears. This eventually leads to bleeding.


All these health problems are easily preventable – avoid air conditioner overuse or use it in moderation. In addition to this, ensure your air filters and ventilation ductwork is always clean. If you let dirt, pollen, and mold accumulate in your air conditioner, and proceed to overuse it, you put yourself and your family members under various health risks. Therefore, use your air conditioner in moderation and do not let humidity levels fall below the minimum recommended 30%.

Finally, ensure your air filters are well-maintained through regular maintenance from HVAC contractors.